Friday the GreenLeaf Market team including chef Rob Uyemura went to visit Tom and Else Goeke the farmers who farm Herman Farms Orchard in St. Charles MO. They specialize in growing tomatoes, but also grow other fruits and vegetables using traditional methods of farming. On just seven acres they farm watermelons, peaches, sweet corn, green peppers, red peppers, cantaloupe, and a variety of apples.

GreenLeaf Market was on a mission to find, taste, and buy the best fresh local St. Louis area produce… and that we did! Check out these highlights from our tour of the small but productive family farm with Tom. We made a purchase of tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, melons, and peaches… and started selling the fresh produce in our market that same afternoon!

GreenLeaf Market supports local farmers and businesses, and we hope you enjoy this candid clip of where your food comes from. Shop local and eat local!



Supporting Missouri Farmers | August 21st, 2019