Milani Mascara, Ultra-Def 3D, Black 112, Dangerous Lengths

New! Dangerous lengths. Before. After. 94% saw instant curl and lift (Results observed in a consumer panel survey). 84% saw 12 hour smudge-free wear (Results observed in a consumer panel survey). Root-to-tip lash extension. Fearless definition meets luxurious lengthening. Even the smallest, sparsest lashes see dramatic curl and Ilk layered with a weightless, blacker-than-black carbon pigment. 3D Ultra-def Brush: The 3D, multi-edged brush delivers audacious length with instant deposit, definition, separation, lift and curl. Multi-tasking Formula: A blend of natural waxes and spherical shaping polymers protects and coats each lash with an ultra-def, 3D effect. No parabens, D5, tea or perfume. Made in USA with US and non-US components.