Grocery Market Kit - an EBT eligible meal kit for families

GroceryMarketKit from your friends at GreenLeaf Market

We’ve decided to start with two or three different kits, and to have them on sale by the second week of October, just in time for our 6 Month Anniversary! They will be $20, but you can save 10% by pre-purchasing or 5% just by letting us know you’d like to buy one when we release them. Contact to arrange to prepurchase or to reserve your meal kit.

What are these Grocery Market Kits and why? 
A Grocery Market Kit is a truly affordable family meal kit in a reusable bag that you can easily carry onto a bus, in your wheelchair, car, or on a walk home….

This meal kit can be bought with EBT cards (aka Food Stamps), and when possible is eligible for Double Up Food Bucks, coupons, and other ways to save. Grocery Market Box affordably and easily scales from meals for a family of four to feeding a family of eight or more adults and children.

The inspiration and original idea was Jessica Murray’s but this would not be possible without the entire team here at GreenLeaf Market (especially Executive Chef Rob Uyemura and Chef Matt Galati) and having the encouragement of management at all levels encouraging us to further develop this much needed concept.

As research has repeatedly shown, placing a supermarket in a food desert only changes peoples’ transportation habits and does little to change their eating habits for the healthier. GreenLeaf Market’s mission includes serving the residents of the NorthSide by providing healthy food options that increase health, and we hope that these meal kits are a productive step towards solving the problem of nutritional inequality.

We are collaborating with the Science Center and their Youth Exploring Science program to develop corresponding video and easy to read recipe cards so that our meal kits can be easily understood and cooked by anybody.

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