New in our produce and liquor departments at GreenLeaf Market

Posted on February 11th, 2020 by Jessica Murray

Have you experienced what’s new and on sale in the liquor and produce departments here at GreenLeaf Market?

Our produce department is always pretty and fresh, full of fresh fruits to grab’n’go (oranges, honey dew, melons, grapes, and more), fresh collard greens (and turnip and mustard greens) for only 89 cents per bunch, and always your favorite fruits. Several varieties of apples, oranges, sweet corn, and more. Don’t forget that potatoes are in season, and sweet potatoes are a healthier vitamin-rich choice.

In our liquor department, you’ll find a growing selection of wines for all budgets and tastes (from Moscato to Pino to bubbly)… In our cooler you’ll shop a large selection of cold craft beers ready to drink… and your favorite brands like Busch and Bud Lite. We even have white wines, spritzers, and chilled liquors! Don’t forget the mixers, too!

Drool over the videos below, and don’t forget to grab yourself A Little Somethin’ Sweet from our bakery (and order a custom cake for any occasion online here).





GreenLeaf Market Sales | February 11th, 2020