Come celebrate National Make a Dog’s Day by having a hot dog at GreenLeaf Market today! Out of every $2 hot dog, we’re donating $1 to Stray Rescue.

National Make a Dog’s Day encourages people to give all dogs the best day of their lives, and is a reminder to do what is the ultimate to make a dog’s day: adopt a dog from a shelter.

Our staff here at GreenLeaf Market decided observe this dog holiday by selling hot dogs to support the local dogs at Stray Rescue.

It’s Taco Tuesday on the hot bar and 10% off everything for senior citizens. We hope that celebrating National Make a Dog’s Day gives you yet another reason to shop locally at GreenLeaf Market today.

Shop local, eat local, support your local community. GreenLeaf Market.

National Make a Dog's Day at GreenLeaf Market St. Louis

GreenLeaf Market Sales | October 22nd, 2019