Free Groceries (with points) for September at GreenLeaf Market

Posted on September 2nd, 2019 by Jessica Murray

Here are groceries that you can buy for free with your GreenLeaf Rewards points this month! 
These include local foods, house made specialties, and your favorite brands:

  •  The Billy Goat Chip Company chips (perfect with lunch)
  • Burgers’ Smokehouse biscuit cut country ham
  •  a house made bacon wrapped sirloin steak
  •  a slide of homemade caramel cake from our bakery
  •  Bush’s Beans
  •  Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Old ElPaso taco shells
  • Bush’s Best Beans
  • Best Choice Happy O’s cereal
  • Best Choice applesauce
  • American Beauty pasta
  • a caramel apple
  • Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup


Download the flyer here, and be sure to stop by and use your points from shopping at GreenLeaf Market for free groceries!

Free groceries in September

GreenLeaf Market Rewards | September 2nd, 2019