Free Groceries from GreenLeaf Market in March

Posted on March 2nd, 2020 by Jessica Murray

What can you get for free with your GreenLeaf Rewards Points in March?

This month, you can get bottled water, cake mix, Hershey’s Chocolate, Happy O’s cereal, Best Choice Applesauce, Prairie Farms 1 quart fruit drinks, StoneFire Naan, Lakeview Farms Dill Dip, 1/2 of a 7-UP cake, Banquet Pot Pie, Nestle Nesquick, and frozen shrimp!

As always, when you shop here at GreenLeaf Market just north of downtown St. Louis, you can spend the points you earn on gas at ZOOM (our “sister” solar powered convenience station, right across the street).

If you don’t have a GreenLeaf Market Rewards Card yet, just ask your friendly cashier and start saving today!

GreenLeaf Market Free Groceries in March 2020

GreenLeaf Market Rewards | March 2nd, 2020